LvL 18 Fun Duel Sorc [english]

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LvL 18 Fun Duel Sorc [english]

Beitragvon volka am Fr 13. Jun 2008, 20:14

First of all i'd like to mention that this is the first guide im writing; so if you find mistakes try not to flame but correct them.

Im playing LLD since about two years now and since about a half year ive been focusing on lvl 18 chars. Especially lvl 18 casters catched my heart and so i was trying the one or the other guide from this side.
About one year ago i had the idea of making a lvl 18 sorc (of course im not claiming to be the first one thinking of this) and was searching if any suggestions would be findable on the net and i failed. So i made my own thoughts and calculations for this build, but i couldnt realize it due a lack of items and will to try getting them.
Now i have finally made this dream come true and must say even with very medicore gear she's doing great and is really fun to play.
So i decided to share my thoughts and way to build her and here are the results:

I.) Fire vs. Cold

Before making the sorc i had to decide which element to choose. I dont mention light here because it is doing really low dmg compare to fire and cold as well as needing much fcr for lightning which isnt so easy gettable at lvl 18. So here are the pro's and cons of cold and fire ive thought of:

Pro cold:
- higher damage (576-607 with 100% +skill gear/perfect orb; 515-534 with max +skill gear/no warmth/tele on orb)
- Freezes target
- decent ice bolt dmg (about 100-120 av , depending on gear )

Con cold
- very slow missels, if facing any melee like a zealer you wont want him to come close enough to hit you but at same time you want to damag him
- you wont be able to max out the dmg if you put points in warrmth and tele (unless u get an insane orb); and i strongly recommend using 1 in tele
- higher mana costs per ice blast (15.5 for lvl 20ib)
- can be nerf'd by hawkmail

Pro fire
- very fast missels
- after maxing the dmg skills you'll have 4 points leftover for tele and warmth
- the +fire skills from gear work on warmth as well
- decent fire bolt dmg ( about 110-130 av, depending on gear )
- lower mana cost per fire ball (11.5 for lvl 14 fb)

Con fire
- lower damage (424-498 with maximum +skill gear)
- can be practically nerf'd by spurs/noko (thanks waramp, i forgot due dueling gm pplz only most time )

Considering all pro's and con's ive decided to use fireball instead ice blast since its hard enough to hit enemys with fb's often enough to do good damage and with ice blast near impossible unless you wanne tank. If you like ice blast more then just replace each skill with ice-skills / ice blast in the following.

II.) Stats and Skills

str - enough for gear (25 with items in my case)
dex - enough for maxblock (62 with gear in my case)
vit - all leftover
ene - none in my case; few points personal taste but wouldnt recommend it

Fire tree
max fire bolt (18 points)
max fire ball (7 points)
2-4 point in warmth (4 possible if can get +tele on orb)

Light tree (optional, if cant get tele on orb)
1 telekinesis
1 teleport

Cold tree

Some might like a cold armor, but its easy to get it as precast from swich so it would be a waste to put a point here.

III.) Gear:

Before i list the gear choices id like to throw in some breakpoints:
20 - 11 frames
37 - 10 frames
63 - 9 frames

15 - 7 frames
27 - 6 frames
48 - 5 frames

30 - 10 frames
42 - 9 frames
60 - 8 frames
86 - 7 frames

When choosing your gear id recommend trying to get 63 fcr for smooth playing, fhr depends on personal taste (getting 55% from stadart gear) and highest fbr on a lvl 18 shield is 40% (pelta).
A good aim considering charms and gear would be 700+life and 300+ mana with 100+ mana regeneration for a good gameplay.

The dream helm would be a circ with some following stats:
1+fire skills
10% fcr
20% frw
40 to life
60 to mana
replenish life
2 sockets

But honestly anything with +1 fire skill and possibly second mod does the job. 10 fcr would be most wanted since it gives more freedome in other gear choice.
Im myself using a plain +1fire with 2 socks from larzuk and its working good so far.

Lowcost : Tarnhelm which also add 1 skill to tele and reduces the mana costs per tele by 1 that way

Pretty much the same as the helm, try to get something with +fire, fcr life mana and resis.

Lowcost: Eye of Ettlich

Similar to helm and amu try to get some ring with fcr,mana,resis and perhaps life or stats.
[can get lots of mana here; im using one fcr ring with 40mana/ single resis and one with 10energy/40mana/ single resis which giveing me a total boost of 100 mana]

Lowcost: manald healing (can be favourited vs fcr rings on personal tase if you have 63% fcr and enugh mana from other parts)

Stealth. This awesome armor gives us 25%fcr, 25%frw and 25% fhr. Along with this the 6 dex, 15% manaregeneration the poison resist and the low price set the cherry on top. In my opinion the only way to go.

Some might want a highdef armor vs zealers, but thats useless for this build in my opinion since it would take much str to wear and a precast cold armor aint giving enough boost to make it viable versus the huge ar lvl 18 melees have. If you want high def, make a pure def soso, but not this.

Cow kings, typical. Giving 20 dex and 30 frw.
Only alternative are some frw/fhr/dex/resis boots which can be thrown in in duels vs other eledmg lvl 18's.

Bloodfist: Cant think of anything that could compete with those on lvl 18 for a caster

-crafted 8+ fcr belt for reaching the 63% bp
-lenymo for the 30% mana regeneration,15mana and 5 allres
-rare belt with life/mana/life replenish/resis/stats/fhr
-death belts incase you think you'd benefit more from cbf then from other belt in a parcticular situation
Choice depending on personal prefernce and stats of the other gear parts.

Three possibitys here.
Sigons, pelta or a 30/20 bone shield with good mods.
Sigons is lowcost and gives 1 skill; besides this it got a huge str requirements and zero fbr. I wouldnt recommend using this

Pelta gives along with 40%fbr 2str, 10vit and 10 energy which is really great for the low price and requirement it has. A good choice to use.

Now a 30/20 bone shield can top out even pelta, but is harder to get. It has 20% more block, same blocking frame (27%) and can have 2 socks along with resis or other helpfull mods like -require. It takes 25 str to wear it but way less dex for maxblock and id suggest trying to get one of those since it offers the most potential.

And now for the most important part part, the orb
Yes, much to dream around here. A perfect orb would be like 1+fire/3+fb/3+warmth/3+tele/10fcr/ene/mana/resis/2 socks. Similar to helm anything with +3fb/mods does the job at start as long as you reach enough fcr from other gear parts

Some might like to use maelstrom wand since it gives 30% fcr and that way the possibility to reach 105% fcr. But over the half of our +skills are coming from the orb, so the dmg with maelstrom would be really low.

..are highly depending on personal preferences and charms. Good things to put in helm are perfect rubys, saphirs or skulls. In the shield can be put in either eth runes (15% manaregen per eth) or jewels with stats/resis/-req. Similar jewels would suit a beatiful orb.

Swich gear
a rare orb with + shiver armor + some blocking shield.
It would be an option to put jewels in the shield on first slot and keep a eth'd shield on swich for the manaregeneration

IV.) Charms
Look for any charms that give you life and mana. Perfect would be 15/7 sc's.
Besides those you can use charms to make up for resis or if you prefer over 55%frw or fhr on that sorc go for frw/mana or fhr/mana charms.

Generally the game of hitting and not getting hit.

*might add later*

My sorc (german version of D2):


She reaches 55%frw, 30%fbr and 65% fcr. Her mana regeneration is at 155% and she has 10 life replenish. Im playing her on europe sc nonladder.

also look here for original post if u like:
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Re: LvL 18 Fun Duel Sorc [english]

Beitragvon HowFarWeVeCome am Sa 14. Jun 2008, 12:04

as i said before rly nice guide!
i like ur comparison of cold vs. fire.
i hope ull get ur new orb + chams @ nl
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