Jasmine JK is throwing offense to Loren.

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Jasmine JK is throwing offense to Loren.

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livescore Peter Schmeichel, the goalkeeper of Manchester United, came out with Gertrude Klopp, the Liverpool manager said he killed a player in the team as Dean Lafreau defeated Tottenham Hot. Spurs 2-1
In this game, while the Reds were behind 2-1 in the first half, Klopp made a surprise decision to change Dean Lafreau out and sent Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. Substitute livescore
"I think it's important to underline that Klopp did not say anything to Lufthren (after the changeover) and it was like killing the players," Schmeichel said.
"The fact is that this decision is not helping, because Liverpool have the same game. As it is throughout the season and undoubtedly, livescore
"But what he's done is to throw all responsibility to Loren and the players are in the headlines, which is not fair. Because people should be the manager than "
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