Solid wood floor maintenance methods

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Solid wood floor maintenance methods

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1, Usually you can use vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the surface of solid wood flooring dust, and then soaked wet wringing cloth or mop to wipe solid wood flooring surface. After mopping the best open windows and doors,High Quality Plastic Wood Composite Deck
let the air flow, as soon as possible solid wood flooring dry, solid wood flooring to keep dry and clean.
2, walk in solid wood flooring, should try to wear cloth slippers, the best barefoot. To the furniture, "feet" are affixed to the soft end of the protective pad to prevent the furniture, "foot" hardwood wood floor scratch layer, do not let heavy objects smashed wear layer. Do not use sandpaper,vinyl siding companies in germany

sander, steel brushes, strong detergents or metal tools to clean the solid wood floor. If the cats at home, to find ways to solve the destruction of cat's claws.
3, solid wood flooring pavement should be admitted within two weeks, for a long time do not live or often do not live in the room should be placed in the room and several pots of water or humidifier to maintain humidity; rainy season should be strengthened ventilation. But also to avoid the strong and lasting sun exposure or rain soak solid wood flooring; to prevent the balcony,composite decking for cheap

bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow the water, go out and remember to check all water facilities, try to avoid solid wood flooring contact with water; avoid hot and cold air appliances Straight blow and bake solid wood flooring; to avoid long time to open the door, open the door and cause outside wind blowing solid wood flooring.
4, from time to time on the solid wood floor waxing care, and floor wax drying, do not walk on the floor. Drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. If leaky,synthetic wood floor for boats

to be coated. Such as the use of two waxing method, the second smear, to be carried out after the first complete drying. Once every 6 months to play a wax, you can keep the floor beautiful long-term.
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