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From the floor to the furniture industry development

BeitragVerfasst: Mo 17. Jul 2017, 03:40
von liuyi
Zhejiang Jiashan has a history of traditional wood is ushering in the new changes. Recently, with the Zhejiang Yuhua Wood Co., Ltd. provincial key project of the second phase of the project started, the Jiashan Wood's "take the lead big brother" once again stood a single product to wood products diversification,Sale Best Beach Chair
to the high-end furniture portfolio into the new Height, accelerated the wood and furniture go hand in hand a new journey, is expected to become the traditional wood industry supply side of the reform pilot.
According to reports, the new two projects to invest about 300 million yuan. The second phase of the project with the investment in March last year to complete a project together to form a set of product development and intellectual property protection in one of the Zhejiang Yuhua Industrial Park. The total investment of the two projects is about 700 million yuan and the construction area is about 150,000 square meters. The annual output of solid wood furniture is 200,000 sets,country kitchen table and chairs
and the new parquet wooden floor is 5 million square meters. Is expected to put into production all the annual output value will reach more than 2 billion yuan.
October 2011, Yuhua Wood industry because of victory over the United States "double reverse" investigation in the industry fame. This started in 1997 floor factory, after nearly 20 years of development, has developed into a global professional solid wood flooring manufacturers, 80% of products exported to the United States. Beginning in 2008, Yuhua gradually into the domestic market, the past three years,personalized beach chair producers
the company solid wood flooring sales grew more than 30% per year, the number of parrot flooring domestic stores more than 700.
A group of evidence can be evidence, Yuhua Industrial Park since the beginning of last year in March to start production to the end of the year, the output value of 400 million yuan, after running, this year 1 to 4 months, Yuhua Industrial Park has produced a wooden floor 1.8 million square meters,cheap plastic folding chairs
the output value reached 235 million yuan. At present, a steady stream of orders has made a project schedule to this year in August. The second phase of the project, will be built after the focus on the new furniture projects, positioning high-end solid wood furniture, which means that Yuhua will be the world's high-end whole-house wood products home development. Yuhua company, an area of ​​20,000 square meters of solid wood furniture living museum has been completed open.
Yuhua company spent eight years, invested hundreds of millions of research on more than 10 species, and strive to do before the market, familiar with the physical properties of each tree species, stability. To do fine home combination, Yuhua also cost nearly 100 million yuan from Italy to introduce three professional equipment, so that the past few days to complete the artificial blank and carved, just a few minutes.