Blade & Soul: It benefits everyone really

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Blade & Soul: It benefits everyone really

Beitragvon TamamShamoon am Fr 18. Mär 2016, 06:28

Some people are rushyrushy with their gear to be the best asap. Personally, Idgaf. I'm not in any race against anyone, so I see no reason to rush my gear up.

I disliked this system originally, but when someone's an asshole and throws their cash at something unnecessarily they're filling their fellow members' pockets with their change so.. It benefits everyone really. Just take your time watching people's bids too. You have 10 seconds, no need to spam hit the Y button. Make sure people don't troll your bid by adding a gold to it and making you fork out ridiculous cash for a worthless drop. Just be careful and you'll be golden. There's no RNGesus input to this system (the bid system itself, not the drop rates.), just careless people and assholes.

One way the system can really be abused is when somebody deliberately bids at the last second all the time. I've had this happen to me twice. The most recent time was this morning, and it went extra badly this time.

I was bidding on a Soul Shield. Only one party member besides me seemed to want it. That person kept bidding in the last second. When somebody does that, you have the choice of either steeling yourself and winning the waiting game, or forfeiting the chance to get a good bargain and upping the bid all the way to the maximum price you're prepared to pay. I decided to muster up all my patience and bid endlessly, partially influenced by the feeling that I'd be the loser if I got mad at this bid trolling. Upon one bid I made, a different party member added a few Blade & Soul Gold to the bid just a split second before I pressed the button. I think that person's intention was to get the bid troll to bid too high, but it got me instead. Whatever the reason, I was stuck with a multi gold bid, while I was only prepared to pay 80 silver. I had no other choice than to jump ship and forfeit all the other items that were still to be auctioned. It certainly left me a bit blue.
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