How about the "first room" in Final Fantasy XIV

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How about the "first room" in Final Fantasy XIV

Beitragvon TamamShamoon am Sa 5. Mär 2016, 04:39

I was a little too brief with my initial post since I was about to hit the sack but here's a little more detail.

He did not receive any healing cause he was standing around the start (where the Eye passes through) to play keyboard warrior and ate AoEs till he died then spends the next 10 mins at spawn calling people dicks and faggots while the healer already moved on to burning mobs in the "first room" with us (we cleared that whole part without him - hence I've only said a few words the whole run), so who is the one harassing now?

What he did: Popping defensive CDs so early that it falls off by the time he reaches the mob, moves in strange 360 degree patterns when engaged with enemies + using abilities and moving at odd paces/directions in general. His gearing was a bit funny as well but I figured we'd only lose out a bit of damage at most so FF14GilMall didn't care.

We got paired with a tank bot the day before and it had similar traits. Despite all that, it was workable since these dungeons aren't punishing for little things like that anyway (we got the bot at Qarn, and we got him to stand on the right pads by messing up the boss aggro).

And no, I disagree with the last part, tanks don't have a lot of stress (main tank here). Tanks have access to instant queues for the majority of the game content and are known for raging and getting away with vile attitudes, we have their apologists to thank for feeding their Kardashian/West egos and enabling a number of them to play at appalling levels.
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