FFXIV Roulette: running ahead and face pulling

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FFXIV Roulette: running ahead and face pulling

Beitragvon TamamShamoon am Fr 4. Mär 2016, 04:30

Running roulette on my alt, I got Tam Tara and a bard who seemed to think their job was tank. They kept running ahead and face pulling. If I had been an actual sprout tank that might have flustered me, but I kept hate just fine. On that same run, the sprout healer stayed in Cleric Stance the whole run, and all they did was cure spam me. I might have tried to give both of them corrective feedback if I hadn't had a cat on my lap, therefore keyboard out of reach. But maybe staying shut up was what got me three comms...

Later that day, still on my alt, got a white mage for Toto-rok who seemed to think their job was to jump around in between throwing me an occasional cure, and a bard who ignored my marks in favor of the OTHER target, making me glad I'd spent the afternoon getting Provoke to cross class onto my baby marauder. Again, didn't say anything because cat on lap. I was in party with my girlfriend and one of those people didn't comm - probably the sprout bard. Oh, and she was wearing a DoM cowl.

Special recognition goes to the off tank who came into A2 normal with a 170 wep and declared he'd main tank, even after the trash packs where I'd held virtually all of the hate. I asked if he'd take south adds more FFXIV Gil. According to our dps after two wipes, he never did - healers and dps were getting all the hate. It had been a while since I'd done A2 normal instead of A2S so I was slightly out of sync with some of the waves but still picking up all the mobs I could. But I can't hold them all...sadly that one was vote abandon. On A2 normal. Because the other tank couldn't pick up his mobs. :/

Shout out to the healer who asked me and the other tank from a different A2 to put on more fending because me dying was "his fault" and he was "oom because he had to heal us so much." Buddy, you don't know what you're talking about. GG.
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Re: FFXIV Roulette: running ahead and face pulling

Beitragvon crossby am Di 4. Okt 2016, 08:25

That cool man.
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