FFXIV: Haukke NM via lowlevel on my WHM

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FFXIV: Haukke NM via lowlevel on my WHM

Beitragvon TamamShamoon am Do 3. Mär 2016, 06:40

First, Haukke NM via lowlevel on my WHM. I get two cute lalafell dps (bard and dragoon) and a gladiator. The first maidservant is pulled, tank runs out of the aoe, dragoon stays in there and gets stunned. I tell both of them that they can stun the maidservant, but no reaction. Then, during the second trash group, the tank dies and leaves me puzzled. What happened? I look at my buff bar... nope, I didn't accidentally heal in cleric stance. I look at my equip... nope, nothing's broken. Then I look at the tank's equip and find that the best item they use is a lv24 sword. The rest is a mage's ring, mage's pants and lv20-ish dps gear. Nice. I tell them that they really need new equip - no answer. We get past the next trash group and then wipe at the group after it because I couldn't manage to heal my 3-dps-party through the attacks of two maidservants and three other mobs. I ask the tank if they could at least use some CDs, then they leave the duty without having said a single word. The dragoon says that CDs aren't neccessary in Haukke NM, which was generally right, but with this equip... urgh.

So, we wait for a new tank, the dps have a conversation about "lalafell master race" while I ask an FC mate if she wants to join in progress on her DRK. She joins, I give her Protect, she pulls the group we wiped on prior to this... and our dps are still standing somewhere talking to eachother. So, most of the rest of the run the dps are chatting rather than actually doing their job, leaving me wondering why I didn't leave the duty after the first tank left with Cheap FFXIV Gil. At some point the bard sings the mage's ballad because the DRK is running out of mana - we explain them about the uselessness of mana heals on a DRK and get as an answer "but I don't have any other good skills". For Rhalgr,'s sake why did I not leave!? Then at the final boss the dps seem not to care about the lamps - thank the heavens that I know my tank, this way I can run around and care for the lamps while my friend simply keeps herself at good health ^^

Second, the Dragon's Neck on my paladin via trial roulette. I tell the party that it's my first time tanking this duty, hoping that someone will explain me if there's anything particular a tank should have a eye on (I knew from the start that one tank picks Ultros and the other takes Typhon, but I didn't know if there were any mechanics interesting for a tank). Most times the party stays silent, leaving me learning by watching what the MT does... but this time the scholar tells me everything I need to know and even marks a point on the ground to show me where I should stand to tank Typhon. Holy shit, there still are helpful people in Eorzea!!

Unfortunately the other tank and one of the dps were even more clueless than me - when the dps get turned into imps, the monk immediately runs to Typhon instead of Ultros, and the Ultros tank always turns the enemy away from the imps so that nobody could build up stacks. But it seems that squenix heavily nerfed the fight because not everyone got blown away by the big sneeze so we still managed to complete the duty in the first try.
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Re: FFXIV: Haukke NM via lowlevel on my WHM

Beitragvon crossby am Mo 21. Nov 2016, 11:36

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