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FFXIV Scholar Trip

Beitragvon TamamShamoon am Mo 29. Feb 2016, 09:52

I zone into Fractal Continuum as a Scholar.

Group seems normal, so i take the time to inspect my tank and judge how much dps i'll be able to do.

The tank is in crafted sub-60 gear, however the two dps (smn/nin) seem decently geared from my brief inspection, so i decide that my dps may not be necessary.

So we pull the first mob, the tank kites it around the room for some reason. I get frustrated, but i keep healing.

After the first boss, i notice that things are dying extremely slowly, so i take a gander at what the DPS are doing.

First i glance at the SMN, who is applying all his dots... and thats it... he'd apply dots, burn all his aetherflow stacks, and then use deathflare. He was not casting ruin at all, in fact on the next boss fight he actually decided to use tri-bind. He would only occasionally use ruin 3.

So i tell the SMN "Hey, you really need to be using ruin as your filler spell." and for some reason, he takes this as a personal offense, and is pissy with my for the rest of the run, and he still does not cast ruin.

And then, after being so distracted by this, i failed to notice that the ninja was literally drifting in and out of sleep, and it was causing him to ignore some mechanics, he mentioned it after we wiped the first time on the last boss.

The tank tells the NIN to pull it together and pay attention while I have a few words with the SMN about his lack of using ruin among other spells.

The Ninja does not react to the tank until later, however the SMN decides to try to find some fault with me and turn it against me, so he says "Maybe you should be cleansing more isntead of telling me what to do" as i had previously not dispelled a few aetherochemical bombs instantly as they want to Buy FFXIV Gil. So i retorted "Well, i'd be able to dispell them faster if i were not forced to pick up the dps you're not putting out". He didn't like that at all.

The tank decides to pull and the SMN says "You know what, it's worth the penalty." and bails mid fight. Needless to say we wiped again.

We got a replacement rather quickly, a machinist. Instead of inspecting them, i decide that they'll probably be better than the SMN no matter what at this point, and I was right. The next attempt went down nearly perfectly, the ninja was coherent through most of the fight, the tank didn't get ripped like a wet paper bag, and the machinist was performing up to par (maybe a little better) as hoped.

We defeated the boss, and finally the ninja decides to react to the tank telling him to get it together. "Hey tank you're a f***t" and then leaves. The tank goes "Dafuq???" and leaves as well. The machinist asked me what the hell went on throughout this whole run, so i regaled her with the horrors i had dealt with over the previous 30 minutes. We had a good laugh, i gave her a commendation, and we parted ways.

I needed to lie down for a few minutes, as that whole ordeal had emotionally drained me.
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