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With the dispatch of the parcel, you can also request a signature with the parcel. Wen the shipment will reach, the receiver will have to give a signature to the delivery agent.When the signature is requested the receiver has to sign it otherwise the content will return to the post office. If the receiver is or was not present at the time of delivery then the parcel would return to the post office and later he/she has to visit the post office and with signature has to bring the parcel. For this procedure, the receiver needs to provide an ID proof so that the office can validate their identity.For the sender should be charged with extra $3. So by using this facility the user can easily track and confirm the receipt of the parcel.
The two above mentioned methods can be implemented to have an overview of the package and let the user have the tracking details and with that have all the information about the confirmation of delivery.
The USPS tracking site also provides platform to intercept the delivery.
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