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The FIFA 17 Cover Voting is Closed

BeitragVerfasst: Do 21. Jul 2016, 03:29
von supodum
The iconic Lionel Messi will be replaced on the FIFA 17 cover this year. Over the past few weeks, EA introduced four young super stars that we believed would’ve featured on the cover. However, it was only a ploy as they launched a voting campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #FIFA17COVER. By the way, welcome to our site, you may find free fifa 17 coins here sometime.

Up for the top spot are: Anthony Martial, James Rodriguez, Marco Reus and Eden Hazard.

All parties and club teams have been pushing for the votes of their stars. EA announced July 20th, that the voting is closed and the winner will be announced soon. We assume the reveal will come later on today.


In a rather bizarre week, EA servers underwent three scheduled maintenance. We believe that EA will be incorporating the new cover star and new features in the game or bug fixes. Last night EA servers went down for 3 hours, but no specific mention was made on the updates/fixes.

So far there has been a fix to the FUT chemistry glitch, with the update over the weekend.

We will keep you posted on any new features that may be included.