I'm sorry for the car crash.

Schaut euch an wie die Experten spielen oder holt euch Verbesserungsvorschläge zu eurer Spielweise und veröffentlicht eigene Videos.

I'm sorry for the car crash.

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Sergio Aguero, spearheaded the Argentinean เอสบีโอเบทforward, has also regretted returning to his car. I do not understand why to go to a concert in the Netherlands. I will be happy in the city.

Sergio Aguero, a formidable striker of Manchester City, the toughest club in the English Premier League, has also regretted the car accident in the Netherlands. At the end of September. Resulting in broken rib injuries.

The 29-year-old Argentinean is one of those who have been hit by a taxi in a carเอสบีโอเบท crash in Amsterdam. After returning from a Colombian folk singer Go to the airport to return to the agency. The event "tycoon" narrowly survived because of the seat belt. However, he was injured and had to stay for 6 weeks.

Anguero quickly recovered. Stoke City today agreed that they were disappointed with their decision to travel to the wind turbine to watch the concert. "When the Manchester City players have a rest. Most players will travel to London or Italy and Spain. "เอสบีโอเบท
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