English Premier League Top Ships .....

Hier könnt ihr euch über die neuen D3 Chars "Wizard, Witchdoc und Barbar" austauschen.

English Premier League Top Ships .....

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End of the 8th, theผลบอลสด Blues Manchester City, the only team after Manchester United. Liverpool to win. The score was 2 and the goal was now Manchester City plus 6 balls after the Stoke City 7-2.

Manchester City Game The first half took 3-0 lead, but lost the first half and the first half was chased 3-2, but they showed that because of the offensive game. Shoot at any time. This time, the fun feet.

Kevin De Brey opened the ball to lose. From the side to the meeting point is accurate. World class ... but the superior is "Vision". To see the game, he saw the space to make a door. And then pass it precisely.ผลบอลสด

It must be complete ... Some people do not see. But Debra Roy as the payer of the Assist he saw, and he gave the ball hit. It ended with the door perfectly. As a result, the Blues led the flock by winning the landslide.

Other interesting parts. Spurs win at Wembley Temporary house Slough Bournemouth 1-0 by Christian Ericksen, while Harry Kane had two chances to miss the goal. Still scare to shoot at Wembley. In the Premier League

The shock of the world is Crystal Palace from the slalom, Chelsea win without Mora, the team in the 2-1 team is a disappointing game. ผลบอลสดAnd stumbling in the rhythm to score a chase led.
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